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Parking Management

ParkPoint offers cutting-edge parking management solutions for both on street and off street parking.

We manage paid public parking typically located along the sidewalk of streets. Our comprehensive service offerings also include:

  • Parking operations consultancy.
  • Installation of on-street parking management systems.
  • Robust enforcement system integrated into our platform, ensuring effective regulation for the city.

We specialize in managing paid parking for various property types, including multistorey parking facilities, hospitals, malls, airports, and private lands. Our services encompass:

  • Parking operations consultancy.
  • Installation of off-street parking management systems.


Valet Parking Services

ParkPoint specializes in providing valet parking services to enhance the overall property experience.

Offered in diverse venues such as malls, hospitals, and different real estate developments, with users paying a service fee in exchange.

Offered in various venues like luxury hotels and restaurants free of charge to the users.

Available for a wide range of events, including weddings, dinners, and private parties.


Pre-development Parking Operations Consultancy

Through our partnership with our sister company Rokket, we provide consultancy services during the predevelopment stage.

We assist real estate developers in designing their parking facilities to meet operational objectives, while also identifying and implementing the latest available technologies for seamless parking management.

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Our 5-star parking services have been implemented in prominent projects.