Our Services.

One key reason to our success is our tech oriented approach, as our sister company Rokket provides us with all technical support required and most importantly continuously develop tools to enhance user experience and improve our management capabilities. Due to this advantage we take every project individually and we custom make and modify our systems to achieve their requirements.

Parking Management.

We excel in operating multi use/ users properties where clients find it challenging achieving all users requirements, controlling, be efficient, and optimize revenue all at the same time.

Valet Parking.

We understand the valet parking has entirely different requirement from customer experience point of view as customers expect differentiation and clients expect us to align with their property image as a luxurious destination.

Who Are We.

ParkPoint is leading the parking industry since 2008. ParkPoint established in 2008 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and has been leading the parking industry with vast experience in parking management, valet parking, and provision of latest parking equipment technologies and systems.

Latest Technology.

ParkPoint excels in technology with a sister company Rokket that specializes in technology and software development. Rokket sis where application development, system integration, software development happens, to automate its internal procedures and enhance parking users experience.


ParkPoint also offers a parking digital platform through it's sister company ParkPass, where we ensure all booking opportunities and payment methods are available for our parking users. ParkPass also work as a promotor and aggregator for our partners.


Data and requirements such as the site layout,owner's objectives, users types are collected.The data is studied and analayzed and requirements and come up with the best technological solution, operational plan, and commercial model. A solution is deployed and team required to execute the plan.The parkings are operated by applying best parking management practices


We Promise parking owners an optimized revenue, cost effectiveness , parking efficiency, parking control and data availability. Parking users are promised frictionless user experience,multiple payment methods and parking service for every group of users.

Our Team.

Meet Our Management Team

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Mohammed Adil

Senior Operations Manager
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Dayananda Vinuth

Operations Manager
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Mamatha Tamang

Membership Specialist
employee image

Sarath Ramesh

Operations Officer
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Alfonso Varela

Technical Manager
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James Alvarez

Maintenance Engineer
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Fatima Al Ghannami

Marketing Supervisor
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Badrinath Raghavendran

HR & Admin Manager
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Shakkir Malol

Finance Manager
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Santosh Veedhi Kumar

Accounting Executive
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Sarfraz Ahmed

Collection Specialist
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Fatima Farooq

Software Developer

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